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Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies Empty Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies

Post by Prince Terence I on Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:57 pm

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Step 1 – Welcome to eRepublik
eRepublik is a massive multiple player online, social networking and strategy web browser game: a mirror version of the real world that allows you to follow your political, economic or military aspirations and change the course of history.

On the left side, you will always see your profile review, which contains your avatar and citizen name (linked to your own profile), your experience level, your country flag (linked to country profile), your wellness level, number of unread in-game messages and alerts, and the number of updates from your subscriptions.

Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies Clock_main_menu
The top of every page in eRepublik will display the:

  • Server Clock - Date and time of the game (GMT -7)
  • Search - You can only search for citizens
  • Main Menu


On the left side of every page, you will see your profile preview. The following information is displayed:

  • Experience Level - Its the green box on the avatar
  • Avatar - your avatar
  • Citizen Name - in blue below the avatar
  • Flag - the flag of the country you are in at the moment
  • Wellness - the wellness indicator and number
  • Inbox - the number next to the envelope shows the number of unread messages
  • Notifications Inbox- the number next to the bell icon shows your Alerts and notifications
  • Subscriptions - the number next to the arrow icon shows your unread subscriptions
  • Logout button


Daily tasks appear in the Homepage as a To Do list (no more than 3 at the same time). When you complete a task or when you click the close button (x), it will disappear and a new task will appear. If there are no tasks that needs to be done the list closes.

For a list of some example tasks in order of their appearance, click here.

This is a list of Daily tasks that can be performed by your citizen.

Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies To_Do

When you click the close button (x) the task will disappear forever (besides the tasks 'job', 'food', 'work' and 'train' that should appear daily) and new tasks will appear in order to replace them.

On Election days, a button will appear here for quick access to the voting screen:

Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies Vote_button


This section gives you a brief look at the most recent news articles from the Media.

Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies News

  • Top rated - displays the most highly rated articles written in the last 48 hours in the citizen's country, with the articles having the largest number of votes listed first
  • Latest - displays the most recent articles written in the citizen's country, with the articles having the most recent publication date listed first
  • International - displays the top rated articles written internationally, with the highest rated articles listed first


Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies Military

  • Active wars – takes you to a new page where you can find all the active wars at the time.
  • Recent military events – takes you to a new page where you can see the latest military events in the world.

Step 2 - Upload your avatar picture

In order to unlock features within eRepublik you will need a certain number of Experience Points (EP), and the quickest way to achieve your first two EP is to upload a picture for your citizen avatar.


Experience points (EP) represents the knowledge level that a citizen reached in eRepublik.

You can easily receive 3 experience points every day with just a few clicks – 1 experience point is received every time you train, work or eat.
Also, you can obtain 7 experience points from the start by uploading your first avatar (2 EP) and by getting your first job (5 EP).
Additionally, you will receive EP for your economic, military and political activity.

Military – You receive 2 EP for every fight you take part in.
Economy – You receive 5 EP for every quality upgrade in a company of your own.
Politics – You receive 1 EP for every vote you express, 20 EP for winning a party or congress election and 50 EP for being elected country President.

Experience points will help you unlock features within eRepublik.

If you don't have the necessary amount of EP to use a feature you will receive a message to inform you how many more EP you need and how you could obtain them and unlock features.

You can also gain instant access to all features in eRepublik by purchasing the Unlock features package.
Note that this package unlocks eRepublik features and does not improve directly your citizen's experience points.

When you reach level 6 you will receive a bonus of 5 Gold .

Also, if you were invited by a citizen, a 5 Gold bonus will be received by the inviter when you reach level 6. (this feature is not available for beta-citizens)

If your citizen is level 15 or above, you can purchase 40 Wellness packs per eRepublik Day.


Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies Level1
Step by Step Guidelines for Newbies Level2

Step 4 - Buy / Consume food
Just like in real life, your citizen in eRepublik must eat daily in order to survive. You can acquire food from the marketplace, and then once a day the highest quality food unit from your inventory will automatically consumed.
See more details about buying / consuming your food units

You can buy food from the Market place.

On this page you have three filters:

  • Product/industry [you select food as a product]
  • Quality level [you can choose one of the five quality levels]
  • Market [selection of all eRepublik countries, however your citizen's country is the default]

  • Remember that you cannot buy food if you have no money, therefore you need to have revenue.
  • Once a day the highest quality food unit from your inventory is automatically consumed and you receive 1 EP. If your food stock is empty, you will be warned via an in-game alert that you have to buy food, so make sure that you do not run out of food, otherwise your wellness level will decrease by a certain amount each day. When you eat food, your wellness increases by x amount (x representing the quality of your food).
  • When your wellness reaches 0, your eRepublik citizen will soon die. The main consequence of this is that the history of the New World will be written without your involvement.

You will be informed the next time you log into your account and you will then have the opportunity to restart your life in eRepublik using the "Revive” button.

Step 5 - Get a job
Working daily is essential as your citizen needs money in order to buy products. Visit the Human Resources market to find a job.

Step 6 - Work
After you find a job, you should visit your company headquarters in order to work. You will receive a salary for each day worked, and don't worry, working in eRepublik is more fun than in real life.

Work page can be accessed from the To Do list in Homepage or by accessing the Company link from "My Places" tab in the main menu.

In order for an employee to work, the company must have enough money to pay him and enough raw materials to produce goods (for product companies).

An employee is able to work by simply pressing the “Work” button.

After pressing the "Work" button:

  • productivity is added in the product queue, products are being created when units are completed;
  • you will receive your daily salary;
  • you will receive Experience.

A certain value (equal to the quality of the company) of wellness is lost every time you work.

If your wellness is below the quality level of the company, you will not be allowed to work.

After you click "Work", you should see the final results of your productivity, as well as a message with more detailed information.

For every 30 days in-a-row worked, you will achieve an “Hardworker" medal.

Step 7 – Train
Helping your country in a war is very important in eRepublik as you will receive the recognition of your fellow citizens. To achieve a higher score when you fight, you should train daily.

Step 8 - Exchange money
In eRepublik you can exchange any currency (including Gold) with other currencies. You can complete this action by accessing the 'My places' tab in the main menu and then the 'Monetary market' button.

Step 9 - Fight for your country in eRepublik
You can see if your country is involved in a war (a resistance war too) by viewing the wars list accessible on the homepage. After you decide which battle you should fight in, you simply click the 'Fight' button on that page.

Step 10 - Vote in eRepublik
There are three types of elections (presidential, congressional and party elections) in eRepublik that take place every month. You have the ability to express your choice in these elections if you complete several tasks.

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